Workshops are a combination of instruction and hands on work. You bring in your own motorcycle and under direct supervision of a certified mechanic you'll perform the work yourself. Workshops vary in length depending upon the number of participants and also special needs of different motorcycles such as removing parts or accesories.

NOTE: Parts are not included in the workshop cost. You can bring in your own parts or buy them from us. While we do stock some parts be sure to confirm we have the parts you need for your bike or purchase your parts ahead of time.

Oil Change Workshop

During this workshop you'll change both your motor oil and your filter. This is critically important to ensure your motor stays running great. We stock synthetic oil because it protects better and allows you longer intervals between changing it.

Tire Changing Workshop

Tubeless tire changing. Bring in your wheel and learn how to remove a wheel and change your tire. Each additional tire $20 (Additional tires will be done after everyone has been able to do their wheel).

NOTE: This workshop is required for everyone interested in using our tire machine to change their own tires.

Brakes Workshop (Pads & Bleed)

Learn how to tell if your brake pads need replacing. You'll replace your brake pads and fluid for both front and rear brakes. Some ABS systems are too advanced for a class setting. Contact us to ask. We can always provide one on one via our Rent a Wrench program.

Chain & Sprocket Workshop

Learn about your chain tension adjustment, how to inspect your chain and sprockets for wear and proper cleaning and lubrication. You'll learn how to replace your chain and both your front and rear sprockets.

Spark Plugs & Air Filter

Often forgotten since their are out of site, out of mind. Many bikes hide both of them under the gas tank. You'll change your spark plugs and air filter and you've done half the full tune up!

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